Broses asesu

This document explains the process of asking for an assessment and what to expect during an assessment. We are very grateful to Learning Disability Wales for allowing us to share this with you.


A self advocacy toolkit from Advocacy Focus:

CIPA Infomercial wedi’i gyfeirio at unigolion i’w helpu i ddeall Hunan-Eiriolaeth a’r gwasanaethau a all eu helpu i gael mynediad iddo.

Cefnogaeth i ofalwyr

Ceredigion County Council

Mental Health Wales

Carers Wales

CIPA Infomercial i helpu gofalwyr i nodi meysydd lle gallent elwa o naill ai Hunan-Eiriolaeth neu gefnogaeth gan Eiriolwr Proffesiynol Annibynnol.